2019 OCPA Annual Conference Program Proposal Form

Important information for Presenters:

Presenters will be provided with a computer, projector, screen and cart in each room. Presenters must bring their own laptops. If using an Apple computer, please bring the appropriate adapter to use with the provided projector. Presenters with sound for their presentation should bring their own speakers.

Each program session will be 45 minutes in length.

Confirmation of Presenter Terms

I have communicated with all presenters and I (they) have agreed to present this session at the 2019 OCPA Annual Conference.

If accepted, I (we) agree to submit paid conference registration(s) by the registration deadline of Friday, December 14, 2018. Should ALL presenters not be registered by this date, we are aware that our presentation may be removed from the conference.

Clicking "Agree" acts as your electronic signature and will serve as acceptance of this agreement.

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